Regulation of San Simón natural space

These rules are intended to safeguard visitor safety, as well as the heritage of the Historical
Site, and the environment of the natural site where it is located.

  • Eating is not allowed on the islands. Lighting fires of any type, except those listed here,
    is not allowed.
  • Smoking is not allowed inside any building. For outside spaces, smoking is only
    allowed on the landing dock, stoned surfaces, and the area between the restaurant,
    the chapel, the Cultural Centre, and the Water Sports Centre.
  • Please do not throw away your rubbish. The organising body may be required to cover
    the costs of any cleaning which is caused by breaking this rule
  • Animals are not allowed, expect for guide dogs. v
  • Swimming on the coasts of the islands, sunbathing, etc is not allowed.
  • Ball games, football, or any other activity which may damage the nature and heritage
    of the islands are not allowed. v
  • Cutting flowers, branches, plants, etc is not allowed.
  • Visitors may walk in the gardens and outdoor areas on the islands of San Simón and
    San Antón and visit the exhibitions which are open to the public, as well as the San
    Simón chapel. Only authorised personnel may access the other facilities and buildings,
    unless otherwise authorised.
  • You may access buildings with public toilets.
  • There is no guide staff for visitors. Using guides hired by visitors is allowed, provided
    that they do not use public address systems, such as loudspeakers or other such
  • Children must be supervised and cared for by an adult.
  • There are security cameras on the island but they DO NOT RECORD the images they
    take. Therefore, visitor privacy is, for these purposes, ensured.