School Trips

Leisure and educational activities in contact with nature.

Mar de Ons offers dynamic, entertaining visits for school centres so that the students learn in a different and entertaining way while enjoying an unforgettable trip with their teachers and classmates. Our tour guides and instructors will accompany them during the trip, designing personalised trails for each group and organizing activities adapted to the different ages and courses.

At Mar de Ons, we invite you to discover one of the most important protected natural areas in Galicia and Spain, so that the students can enjoy the experience of sailing to the islands and visiting them by the hands of our professionals. Our tour guides will ensure that it is a unique experience, thanks to the dynamic hiking trails with games to learn about the ecological values of the park.

On Cíes Islands, the students will discover what a National Park is, and they will learn to respect the environment and to love nature. Ons Island will take them to other periods through time, teaching them about the important cultural and natural heritage of the area.

Our trip to San Simón is an excellent cultural visit. Lasting for approximately 4 hours, it will allow you to discover the historical events and legends of Vigo Bay while taking a nice sea trip and enjoying different activities such as visiting the Meirande Museum and going on a great walking tour through the islands which is full of surprises and games for all ages.

Out activity “Embark with Mar de Ons” is another interesting, highly recommended activity, especially for children. During this 3-hour visit, the students will learn things such as: What is a boat? Why does it float? How does it work? Besides, we suggest them to cross the Bay in one of our catamarans so that they can learn and acquire a different perspective of their environment, while playing games and dynamics led by our instructors. Further additional activities are also organised at the departure and/or destination ports, depending on the time and characteristics of the group.

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  • Educational visit: students and teachers alike will discover the unique environmental values of Cíes Islands while hiking any of the 4 trails crisscrossing the islands. This will be done in a fun, dynamic, personalized way thanks to our expert guides, who will adapt the visit to the specific needs and the age of each group.

  • Leisure activities: the islands are the perfect setting for our instructors to highlight the environmental values of the area through activities and games that will allow you to enjoy a day of leisure and fun in the main archipelago of Vigo Bay.
  • Schedules and prices: we arrange trips all year round, trying to adjust them to your school calendar so that you can benefit from the best prices and schedules. Ask for a free quotation as soon as possible and enjoy half-day or full- day visits at the best prices.

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  • Educational visit: Ons Island is the perfect destination for children to soak up the culture and tradition permeating every corner on the island, thanks to the educational routes suggested by our guides.

  • Leisure activities: the different natural spaces making up the island provide the instructors accompanying you with unparalleled resources to organise plenty of activities, as well as fun and engaging games.
  • Schedules and prices: we arrange trips to Ons all year round. We will recommend the dates and schedules that best suit your school calendar. Ask for a free quotation as soon as possible and enjoy a trip from the ports of Vigo or Bueu at the best price.

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San Simón

  • Boat ride: enjoy a group educational cruise into San Simón cove. You will discover all the details and historical facts that shaped the Vigo Bay and its environment from a unique perspective and in a fun, interesting way.

  • Visit the Meirande Museum: visit this interesting interpretation centre where you will relive the Battle of Rande and discover the facts and mysteries regarding the bay. This brief stop at the centre is perfect to complement and contextualise your visit.
  • San Simón visit: once they are on San Simón Island, students will be able to discover its corners, history and legends on foot together with our guides, who will take them on a tour adapted to their age and full of surprises!
  • Schedules and prices: this is a 4-hour experience departing from Cangas or Vigo, a perfect opportunity to organise your centre’s cultural outings. Plan your trip with us now and get to know this cultural point of interest in Vigo Bay with our special prices for groups. Book now and don’t miss out!

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Embark with Mar de Ons

  • Actividad educativa: esta es una visita especialmente recomendada para los más pequeños en la que disfrutaréis de la oportunidad de visitar el interior de uno de nuestros catamaranes y en la que nuestro personal les enseñará a los niños ¿Qué es un barco?, ¿Cómo funciona? Y muchas más cosas del entorno marinero.

  • Actividades de ocio: os ofrecemos la posibilidad de vivir la experiencia de descubrir la ría de Vigo navegando y aprendiendo sobre todo su entorno a través de juegos y dinámicas que capten la atención e interés de los niños.
  • Actividades complementarias: añadid a vuestra visita otras rutas y actividades de animación en los puertos de salida y/o destino según las características y necesidades de vuestro grupo de escolares para complementar vuestra jornada educativa.
  • Horarios y tarifas: esta actividad se puede organizar durante todo el año con gran flexibilidad de horarios al mejor precio.

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