Twenty-Three Years Sailing Together

Mar de Ons provides a regular service between Vigo and Cangas 365 days a year, and it is renowned for offering a wide range of schedules, to which we comply consistently throughout the year.
Furthermore, during the summer season, Mar de Ons starts a great variety of services allowing our clients to enjoy the beauty of the Rías Baixas in a unique, unforgettable way.
During the summer, we have regular services to Cíes Islands from the ports Vigo, Cangas and Baiona, and to Ons Island from the ports of Bueu, Portonovo, Sanxenxo and Vigo. We also organise maritime trips through Pontevedra Bay, with mussel tasting and guided tours around San Simón Island.
Aimed at offering different leisure options, during the nights of July and August nights, we also organise parties on board our flagship Mar de Vigo, with catering and music.
Besides the seasonal and the permanent services, we also rent boats for different events, conferences, weddings, brand presentations, following regattas, dance dinners, group trips… and we also have special services for dates such as the Arribada or the Bouzas Fireworks.
We have been the first to start offering services such as the trips around Pontevedra Bay with mussel tasting, and our boats have been used to shoot films, musical videos, TV programmes, etc. on several occasions. The iconic Islas Ficas was the setting for the film Mondays in the Sun, the leading role being played by Oscar-winning actor Javier Bardem.