Do not miss the hiking routes in Spain

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Spain is a remarkable country, with some brilliant hiking routes. In fact, hiking routes in Spain are sought after, and arguably the most breathtaking hikes are in Cies and Ons islands, which form part of Galicia. They are part of Spain’s north-west Iberian Peninsula.

Illas Atlanticas National Park (The Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park)

Both Cies and Ons Islands are protected by the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park. Both islands are home to a diverse and in some cases, rare wildlife and fauna. It also possesses unusual marine life, caves, and habitats. This, combined with the geomorphological formations and unique bioclimate, has brought it a candidate for the World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

As such the rules of the park are strict, which involves making some of the islands off-limits to protect species and habitats, and visitor numbers are limited. As such, you must plan a visit carefully. As well as Cies and Ons islands the park encompasses Sálvora and Cortegada, both of which are inaccessible.

Hiking routes in Spain

Hiking Routes in Spain – Cies

As the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park are significant, important, and beautiful, hiking is a popular past time. With this in mind, here is an overview of the main four hiking treks on Cies:

  • Lighthouse Mountain Route – This route arguably offers the best views of the island as you trek to the lighthouse at its highest point. Along the way, you will be afforded views of Nosa Señora Beach and Rodas Beach, the most popular on the island, and you will be able to visit the bird observatory. When you reach the top, you will have sweeping views of the entire peninsula.
  • A Porta Lighthouse Route – Similar to the above route but the route is more coastal and offers fantastic views of the other islands that are part of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park. Much of the route intersects with the nature trail.
  • Alto del Príncipe Route – This is considered the most accessible hike on Cies and takes you to the Agudo Mountain via the Figueiras Beach. It may be the easiest, but it still showcases Cies well. You can at some points of the hike see the contrast in the vegetation of the island and see the yellow-footed seagulls nesting in the cliffs.
  • Agudo Mountain Route – This route is perfect if you like hiking through woodland and want to take in much of the nature trail. The route also takes you to the O Peito lighthouse which gives you a great view of Ons Island.

Hiking Routes in Spain – Ons Island

Ons Island is home to a 100 permanent residents, and like the rest of the islands, you are allowed to visit under strict rules. The island’s beauty will make you want to complete all four hikes.

  • Southern Trail – The southern trail takes in the Fedorentos Lookout Point, and the Buraco do Inferno. Along the way you can visit the tomb of A Laxe dos Cregos, and Canexol, a fort of Castelo dos Mourus together with geological rock formations.
  • Castelo Trail – This is a short trail but packs a lot in as you hike along Dornas Beach, Castelo Lookout Point, and the village of O Curro. You’ll love the views.
  • Northern Trail – This is very much a naturist trail as you take in the cliffs which are home to the yellow-footed seagulls. The trail takes in sweeping views of the peninsula as you’ll reach the highest point Ons lighthouse.
  • Lighthouse Trail – The trek to Ons Lighthouse is the one to take for the breathtaking views of the peninsula. Other highpoints include the village of O Curro and the Enseada de Caniveliñas.

If you are looking for a great hiking holiday, these hiking routes in Spain are among the best. Come to Cíes Islands from Vigo or Cangas with Mar de Ons.