Any time is a good time to travel, but now is certainly the best time to visit the paradise we have in the Rias Baixas. We provide you with a map for your trip to the Cíes Islands and we suggest some routes so you can make the most of your visit to the archipelago.

The Cíes Islands: use a map to have everything under control

Throughout your trip to the Cíes Islands, this map will become your best ally.

islas cies mapa
Apart from being a guide that will help you to easily find facilities such as the point of information, the campsite, the restaurants or the viewpoint; the most recommended routes that you can travel on the islands are specified.

As you can see on the map there are 4 suggested routes to travel in the archipelago: the “Monte Faro” route, the “Faro da Porta” route, the “Alto del Príncipe” route and the “Monteagudo” route.Consult more about these walking routes, their length, difficulty and charms on our website, where all the information about the walking routes can be found.

Don’t miss out on any of these routes as they are all worth it. Consult our timetable and choose the walking route that best suits you.

Other places of interest to visit on the Cíes Islands

Playa de Nosa Señora: located between Punta das Vellas and Punta de Carracido, you can enjoy this spectacular beach with crystal clear waters on the Monte Faro route and take a break to take a dip.

mapa islas cies praia


Faro do Peito o Faro de Monte Agudo: along the Monteagudo route you can enjoy the Faro do Peito and its spectacular views. This place, which dates back to 1904, is located on the North Island.Don’t miss this Cíes Islands enclave that you will surely fall in love with.

Faro do Peito o Faro de Monte Agudo


Pedra da Campá: this is a perforated rock caused by wind erosion. It is an interesting enclave that is certainly worth visiting. You can enjoy this work of nature on the Monte Faro route. Its bell shape lends its name to this rock. Take the opportunity to listen to and observe the birds that populate the island in this privileged location.

Pedra da Campá




Don’t hesitate and come to discover this Galician paradise. Travel the archipelago from one end to other, enjoy its crystal clear waters, its spectacular views with native birds and the Atlantic life that surrounds the islands. Don’t forget to bring your Cíes Island map so you don’t forget to visit any of the must-see places.